Viewing Video AND Data in Circuit Tools on desktop PC


Is it possible to view video and data in Circuit Tools software on PC? I am able to view my data file OK after exporting to .vbo file. But cannot seem to view video as well.

I am linking Gopro 5 video footage to the appropriate session data. This was only done after the event as I didn't have the Gopro linked to the RaceChrono during the race. When I link the video file to the data file I can see it fine on the phone's small screen and it all seems to work OK. My issue is that when I export the file to .vbo (including the video channel 1) then open it in Circuit Tools only my data is visible NOT the video.

Any ideas?

If this cannot be done, is there any software that allows viewing video and data on PC?



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    You also need to copy the video files separately. The comments section in the exported .VBO file instructs you to copy and rename the raw video files (to same folder as the .VBO). It should work in general, but in some situations it's not 100% functional.

    Your other option would be to get a big screen tablet with RaceChrono...
  • Thanks for your response. When you say 'The comments section in the exported .VBO file instructs you to copy and rename the raw video files (to same folder as the .VBO)' Where does it say this? I fully understand copying the raw video file into the same folder but I can't see anything that tells me what the file name should be.

    Any further help would be appreciated.
    Thanks again.
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    If you have videos linked to your RaceChrono session, and you export it to .VBO, it will create video sync points to the file exported file. You can also see the file names to rename in the comments section of the .VBO file header. Open it in a text editor to see.
  • Thanks. That worked!
    Thanks for your help.
  • I finally got this to work and it is truly stunning. As an AIM user...RC with CT now kicks it around with the video comparison and the overlay of the track to line up against. THANKS to all of you who helped on this. I'm actually afraid to share this because CT might figure a way to end it.
  • I cannot seem to get this to work. I have tried the hack that links videos with the .vbo file but this has failed me. After I export the session file to a .vbo file and when I try to link the video is just gives me an error in CT.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • I'm almost there but stuck too - I've linked and sync'd the video file, exported the VBO and saved and renamed the video file into a single folder that just contains the VBO+MP4 file. I then open the VBO file using CT2, but it tells me that the video file doesn't exist. Just wondering if I am missing a step somewhere.
  • oh - just noticed this thread was from 2017 :blush:
  • Did you rename the files exactly as described in the [comments] section of the .vbo file?
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    Hello, any news or improvement to use ct? I can not see the videos.

  • Nope... it can be tricky. After all it is a 3rd party application, so it will never be perfect. Try exporting one lap at a time, the video will work better like that.
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    I hadn't noticed that this was possible - have synced a video and exported the .vbo file, but there's nothing in the comments apart from "Generated by RaceChrono Pro v6.1.6" and the URL.

    What am I missing?
  • @Boggissimo make sure video channel is selected when you export
  • Ah, hadn't spotted that, thanks @aol!
  • Reviving this thread.

    I successfully managed to import a .rcn file as .vbo with a Gopro video in Circuit Tools 2 software.
    However, the video runs at a different speed than the data, meaning, when I hit play, the lap data hits the finish line before the video lap does.
    How do I go about changing the .vbo file so that the video is in sync with the data throughout the whole lap?

    Thanks in advance,
  • This feature can be considered defunct. It's too cumbersome to try to reverse engineer CT2 to keep this alive.
  • Ok, thanks for your quick reply.
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