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Is it possible to record RPM on an older car with no management system. Ie nowhere to plug an obd adaptor! Cheers


  • aolaol
    edited October 2017

    RaceChrono allows DIY sensors via RC3 format (currently supported only in Android), usually you'd use hall sensors and count the pulses, in Arduino or similar, and output $RC3 sentences over bluetooth with the RPM value.

    It's either a DIY project, or you can buy a ready made http://www.racedac.com/ here, although you'd still need to install the sensors etc.

    There might be other commercial products coming soon that do this, but cannot say anything for sure until they do.
  • If one wished to use an external GPS receiver connected via Bluetooth could one also connect a RaceDAC via Bluetooth - ie can a phone handle two pairings simultaneously?
  • Thank you. How many dials will RC display (speed, rpm, G, boost pressure, etc) and how are they configured by the user? Is there a user guide somewhere with these details?
  • aolaol
    edited November 2017
    There's "Edit overlay..." option in the menu in the video controls of the analysis screen. There you can add more dials.

    Unfortunately the RaceDAC support is a bit clunky for what comes to overlay, as the channels are all displayed with simple "+-0.00" text reading, no analog gauges with the exception of RPM signal.
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