How to Transfer Video to PC

Being new to RC and not very tech savvy I seek advice on how to transfer the video file from the phone to my PC for video editing. A simple export using USB appears to have transferred the file but I cannot find where it has gone. On the phone the file is called RC_20171116_144522.mp4 but a search on the PC reveals no such file. Your assistance would be most gratefully received.
Is there a user manual out there somewhere?


  • I should have said "how to transfer the OVERLAID video to my PC".
    The .mp4 file on the phone's SD card can be read on the PC but that contains the video only without the overlays.
  • You need to export overlaid video first:

    The turorial shows how to share the file, but you can also find it from /Android/data/
  • Thank you for that.
    The tutorial shows eleven sites to share with, including "share to drive" which sounds like the one I want, via a USB cable to my PC?
    I have exported the overlaid video but my "share session to" screen (RC 5.1.3) doesn't offer that choice, only Bluetooth, Gmail, Messaging, YouTube and Add to Maps. I have uploaded to YouTube OK but really need the overlaid video file to allow me to import it into Adobe PremeirPro for editing.
    How may that be done?
    Thanks, Biggles.
  • aolaol
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    The "share to" is an Android feature, which basically searches other apps that could do something with the file. If you want the DropBox option for example, you need to install that app. The "Save to Drive" option on my phone means uploading it to cloud through Google Drive app.

    You can skip the 4. step of the tutorial, and connect your phone to USB, and fetch the file from /Android/data/ on either internal or external storage, depending where you exported it.
  • Got it !
    Many thanks for your guidance.
  • I've hit another snag, I fear. My phone default write disk is the SD card. I export an overlaid video, connect to USB, look in the SD card under Android/data for com.racechronopro but it's not there. Can you offer guidance, please?
  • RaceChrono writes to sdcard only if selected just before starting the export process. Otherwise the file goes to internal storage. If you didn't get an error while exporting, your file is in /Android/data/ on one of the storages.
  • Thank you for the rapid reply. There is no export folder in any storage.
    As a test I exported a small overlaid video to phone internal storage and looked in Android/data/ but there is no export folder.
    The phone default storage was then changed to SD card and the test video exported again. On the Export Queue screen, just above the Start button it says External Storage (24.3 GB remaining). Connecting the phone to USB, after the export was done, and looking in SD shows folders Android and (dot)Android:
  • aolaol
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    Did you try mount that SD card directly or did you use it though the phone? If you used it through the phone, then I'd recommend rebooting it. The file does exist in that location, you can even play it back or share it from the Export queue screen...
  • If the SD card is removed from the phone and mounted in the computer the export folder can be accessed. With the SD card in the phone, linked to the PC via USB the export folder cannot be found.
    If the phone is rebooted as you suggest will all data be lost?
    Is there an option to uninstall the application and re-install it?
  • No, I suggest that it will appear through USB too. Android file system mounting is broken like that. If you uninstall then you will lose all your sessions.
  • Thank you.
    After much faffing about, saving files, a factory reboot of the phone and a re-install of RC has got me back to where we should be. Don't know what went wrong.
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