How can I another lens in LG G5, smartphone? or How can I zoom in or zoom out ?

edited December 2017 in RaceChrono for Android

I have a smartphone(LG, G5) with a wide-angle lens and a standard lens.
The wide angle lens has an angle of view of 135 degrees.
So I am using this feature quite comfortably. in default app.

But, in racechono, When using the built-in camera, only the standard lens is activated and the wide-angle lens can not be used.
How, can I activate the wide-angle lens using internal camera mode in racechrono?

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  • aolaol
    edited December 2017
    I don't know about LG G5, but in some other dual lens phones such as OnePlus 5, the public APIs reveal only one camera. That said, it _might_ possible to support the native zoom in/out, and it _might_ might automatically use the dual lens for that in G5. I will look at this during the winter.
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