VBO file error ?

I am using the latest version of racechrono and circuit tool.
Recently, Open of VBO file extracted from racechrono is delayed at circuit tool and it will drop a lot of stability.
In the past, VBO files extracted from previous versions of racechrono are not a problem.
What's wrong?


  • Actually the VBO exporting code has not changed in last year or two. Can you see any obvious difference in the files that are stable, and the one that is unstable?
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    In the latest version of the Race Chrono,
    It takes a long time to open the file associated with the movie, and there is no problem when opening a file that is not linked to the movie, also, If you open the file and make a selection in the screen layout, the program will crash with an error message.

    Earlier versions of racechrono did not have that problem at all.
  • aolaol
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    The video support in VBO export is "beta". It's created based on work of research made by one users, who wanted to make it work. Unfortunately it's not perfect and it does not work for all sessions. I suspect there's something different in your session that's making it crash.

    I suggest exporting the .VBO a few laps at a time, instead of the "Whole session" scope setting.
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