Support for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (soon!)

Hi there, I`ve seen this running on a friends phone, amazing bit of software !

I tried installing it on my Dell Axim X50 PDA, which is running Windows Mobile 2003 SE, but it says that the downlaoded file is not a valid windows CE applcation.

Is there any chance there will be a version released that would work on older PDA`s like mine PLEASE??



  • Hi Nige! It is on my to-do list to find out if it is possible. Some API's I'm using are WM 5.0 and above, so it is not certain if I can go around them. Also another problem is that I don't have a WM 2003 device to test on.
  • That would be awesome !

    If you ever need to send a version to test, that outputs some sort of debugging file, I`ll be happy to help if possible. I don`t mind doing some testing.

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    Alright, I'll contact you first if/when I get it running on the emulator. I will continue the thread with updates on the progress.
  • Cheers.
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    Just compiled it and sent you a test version. If it does not work, I'd probably need to get hold of actual device to make it work.
  • Just got back off holiday. I have just replied to your email
  • Hi Nige! Glad to see you're giving it a punt. Hope the week went well. I've been looking into later ECUs to see if I could splice the sensors on my KR into one just to get OBD data (rpm & temps) for RaceChrono. My 5Hz GPS has just arrived (£50 from Amazon), which works great. Well recommended if you don't have one (QStarz BT818x).
  • hi mates,
    i have the same problem...would like to run racechrono on acer n50. Any chanche to get a version that works ???
    ciao and thk
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    What I concluded to Nigep in our e-mail correspondence, was that I probably can not make it work in WM 2003 without getting a hold of a such device. I have only WM 5 and WM 6 devices here. Anyone know have extra one they could loan / donate? They are not manufactured anymore, and paying 100-150 eur for used one is not my cup of tea :)
  • u right mate....sorry not to have a spare one to give u....
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    Nevertheless, my plan is to make it work. Just takes some time to get hold of a device.
  • I think I have an Acer N50 in a box somewhere. I'll have a hunt around...
  • Hi, I have a old Compaq Ipaq wich runs with WM 2k3.
    But there is no charger :S
    I found it from ebay ~$10

    I may donate the device. :)
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    Andy: Let me know if you find it!

    Mart: I'd accept it without the charger, if it runs fine otherwise... I got another iPaq with too old OS (WM2000), but the charger might work.

    If anyone of you decide to donate devices, please email me at tracks(at) and I'll send you my shipping address. I'm located in Finland, so please calculate shipping cost before committing to send it. It might add to the "cost of donating" depending where you are. :) The devices will be highly appreciated!
  • I'd really like to see this too.

    I have a Mitac Mio 168 with built in GPS and Windows Mobile 2003 2nd addition I'd be willing to send it over to you guys to develop on but would need it back when you've finished, is this possible?

    If so could you also give me an idea of how long you would need it for?

    Thanks - Andy
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    after a few exchanges of emails and struggling to get a version to run, I`ve decided to upgrade my PDA to WM2005.

    Racechrono installed fine and I`ll be testing it out on Sunday !
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    Nigep, great to hear you got RaceChrono installed, atleast somehow. :)

    I think there is WM2003 device (or two) coming my way, so hopefully I get it running on it too.
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    Hi, as I already said, I also am waiting for RaceChrono for WM 2003, (but NOT the WM 2003 SE) !

    p.s. I have HP IPAQ H1940
  • Unfortunately I still do not have any WM 2003 devices. I hope to investigate it as soon as I get hold of one.
  • ynsyns
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    Where are you from? i could send you my PDA if you promise to send it back with working Race Chrono :))
  • p.s. write me on
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    Thanks for the offer! There was few devices offered to me, so I will first find out what happened to them, so I don't end up with multiple devices that I have to return.
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    Great news! I have resolved the WM2003 / PocketPC 4.2 issue. There are still some minor bugs, but generally everything seem to work just fine. I will make it available soonish. Big thanks to Mart for sending a WM2003 device for me to test on!
  • I'm currently having some problems with connecting to a GPS with WM 2003 ... hang in there!
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    Please try

    1) If you have WIDCOMM Bluetooth Stack on your devices (many PPC2003 devices do), it is not supported. So you have to use your GPS through COM ports. Use the "Serial Port / Outbound port" setting from the Bluetooth Settings as your RaceChrono GPS serial port.

    2) There is screen resize bug with the virtual keyboard. Don't mind about it, I'll fix it.

    Any other bugs, please let me know.
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    Already I am having some issues :)
    Well, you know what device... The same as you got :)

    1. Paired the GPS and PDA
    2. Turned the BT connection on
    3. Teached RC to understand the COM gps. (port 5, default baudrate)
    4. No matter witch com port i select (the default com5-outbound and com8 inbond) (com 5 should be the correct, but i tried 8 also :) )
    4.1 RC is asking me, if i would like to turn BT on, and then...
    4.2 says a nice notice about WIDCOMM.
    4.3 And after that it says that "no device selected"

    If I say "no" in 4.1 => skip 4.2 and go straight to 4.3 :)

    Using the bluetooth option fails the same way.

    I have a impression, that RC doesn't understand, i'm using the com port and thiks i'm still using BT.
    I also tried resets and other BS :)

    Oh, and TomTom works great with this COM 5 setting.

  • Hi Mart, did you change the GPS type to "Serial port GPS" in RaceChrono settings? Shouldn't be asking you about Bluetooth if you did so :)
  • Yes, it was somewhere in the third point :)
  • Would you mind rechecking that the GPS type is still "Serial"? I mean if RC asks you about Bluetooth, something is wrong...
  • In RaceChrono:
    Settings -> GPS reciver ->

    GPS Type - Serial port GPS
    GPS Serial port - COM5:
    GPS baudrate - default (tried 9600 and 115200 also)

    In win, the GPS seems to be paired fine... well, i dont know anything more to do in there :)
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