Custom storage settings - Raw video folder

I'm trying to set a custom location for my raw video files. Primarily I am importing external GoPro footage, but if it would save internal camera footage there as well, that would be even better. Google photos annoyingly thinks that the DCIM/Racechrono folder is part of the "camera" folder for some reason and auto backs up everything. Sometimes this is annoying when I'm out of town on slow wifi in a hotel or something and it just constantly tries to upload these huge video files at a snail pace. Nice feature for my normal everyday photos, but not what I want happening with track video.

I found the "raw video folder" option in expert settings, but it's blank. Is this the right setting that I'm looking for? If so, it might be a bug as to why I'm not able to see anything there. The app has full permissions to include storage permissions.

Two screenshots below and some details on my setup:

Google Pixel 2 XL (no SD card, all internal storage)
Android 8.1.0

Please let me know if you need any more info or if I can help in any other way.



  • To follow up on my own question.... I think I found a different solution for my issue.

    I was able to put a blank file titled ".nomedia" in the Racechrono folder and now Google Photos ignores the files and thus doesn't auto back them up. So really my need for a custom raw video directory no longer exists. Still a little strange that it shows up blank though.
  • Good tip that .nomedia ... The custom raw video seems to be broken by some new Android versions, I'll need to re-visit that.
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