North Weald Sprint

A few videos from an event in April 2018, a sprint at an old airfield site in Essex (UK), in my Subaru. Probably no point in uploading the track to the library, as it was set out with cones and probably will be different next time even if they use the same layout!


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    Are you using stock ECU? And second, how did you get rpm data in racechrono?

    I have a problem with obtaining telemetry data from stock Subaru ECU (GD) by obd protocol. Even with OBDLink MX I can't get anything but voltage.
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    @Boggissimo very nice! Also as you say no point to submit the track. Only permanent tracks are put to "Official".
  • @ASokolov sorry, only just noticed your reply! My car has the stock ECU (it's a UK spec 2005 WRX wagon (GG) – but it has been remapped and has a bigger turbo etc for more power ;-)

    I have a cheap bluetooth OBDII adaptor from eBay, which connects to RaceChrono to provide signals for RPM, temperature, throttle position and lots of other things. I usually only use the RPM signal and use an external GPS for speed, though there is a speed channel coming from OBD as well.
  • Thanks a lot for the info! :-)
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