Import NMEA into iOS Racechrono Pro?

Hi I recently did a track day where I wasn't able to pair with the GPS receiver. Afterwards they sent me the NMEA file. I'd like to be able to import this to Racechrono to check it out. It looks like this can be done with Andriods but I can't see a way to do it on iPhone? I've tried Add GPS Reciever>NMEA file (for debug) but it just presents a 'Add GPS Receiver' empty dialog/list box after selecting this option. Is there any way I can do it? Thank you


  • Unfortunately this works only on Android at the moment. If you send me the NMEA file to tracks(at) I can send you an .rcz file back that you can use.
  • Thank you that would be awesome. Sent :-)
  • Sessions emailed back
  • Notice those QSTARZ BT-xxx receivers do not work with iOS. That's why unable to pair.
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