How to copy overlaid video files to my PC? Plus question on moving session data

So after I prepare an overlaid video, the only way I can get it out of my android tablet is using the "share" button. This lets me share to bluetooth or youtube but doesn't let me save it on the tablet or my PC which it is connected to via a USB cable? How can I do this?

When I used my PC to look around the directories on my Android tablet, I cannot find the .MP4 files it creates? They are not in the RaceChrono directory where the source videos from my (older, non linked) GoPro are, and I don't see them anywhere else either.

I figured the easiest way to do what I wanted was to drag-and-drop copy them but can't find the files to do this!


My second question, is - is there a way to move all the data for the session (and the linked video file) off my tablet and on to my PC where I have TONS of storage space? This is in case I want to look at the detailed telemetry later on? I just don't have room to keep these all on my tablet.

The last question is - will the older PC-based app play-back the video/telemetry files I generate on my android tablet in the car using the current version of race chrono?
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