The best app to analyze the data

I am a newbie on this app. I have just done a trackday today it it works flawless. But now i want to import tha data to some application and see more. I have seen that i can open it in for example Performance Box application, but is this the best app?

Is there some other program that is better to use?


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    The Performance Box PerformanceTools is one, and the other is I2M Danas application. The latter one has more features, but it much heavier to run. For Danas download the "Danas multiplatform installer" from here:

    There will be RaceChrono windows version as well soonish.
  • And how do you install this Java version of Dana?
  • Oh sorry, for Windows you probably want the "Executable Windows for installer" version. It is Java too but with proper installer.
  • But unfortanly this is version 1.0 and the other java version is 1.41

    The other version 1.41, for wich platform is that? Linux?
  • i have now started the danas installer for windows, but nothing is happening. Do you know why?
  • Sorry, no idea. Maybe some of our users could help.
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    I'll assume you're using a Vista derivative.

    Download the .exe installer and save to the Desktop or something.

    Right-click the .exe "Run as Administrator" and run through the installer UNTIL you get to "Select the installation path".

    Use a folder on the Desktop like "C:\Users\sc009\Desktop\I2M Danas". Confirm to create the folder.

    Just click "Next" through the other options.

    Run it from the Start Menu > I2M\Danas

  • it says, could not found the main class. I have Sun Java 6.0 installed
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    I`ve managed to install Danas (tried both versions) but whenever I try and load sessions, it goes through the loading of the .txt file and at the end says no sessions found ?

    I`m trying to view the logs from the weekend on the PC instead of the PDA.


    Just realised you need to EXPORT the data first, from racechrono THEN import into the app to view :-)

    I can load the full session, but how to I load the `lap` into the view app ? its just shown as one big trace at the moment, with no laps or splits ?
  • You need to set the start/finish line in the Danas software separately, as it is not exported by RaceChrono. Then you can view the laps.
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