GoPro Hero 5 Black remote controlled but sync is off


RaceChrono Pro v6.0.10
GoPro Hero 5 Black v02.51
DualAV XGPS 160

Remote controlling the camera from RaceChrono and downloading the videos from the camera to the phone via RaceChrono as well so the sync was completely automatic.

I'm noticing that the video/sound is early compared to the GPS data. I can hear my revs raising after apex when the gps speedometer is still decreasing.

How to fix this? I can't find anything to adjust the sync.


  • Fixing the sync was actually explained in the tutorial posted just today.

    So my question is resolved. I had to delay the video quite a lot from the automatic sync.
  • I wrote the new tutorial partly your question in mind too. Just forgot to post it here too. Take a look at the automatic synchronisation on the tutorial. In my experience it results much more accurate sync than through the GoPro remote control feature.
  • Cool, thanks!

    Can I still use remote control and download via RaceChrono if I want to use the better automatic sync too?

  • Sure. You can adjust the sync afterwards with the "automatic sync" feature if you like.
  • Awesome, I'll try that on the next track day with the GPS enabled on the GoPro!

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