Exporting .CSV

is there a way when exporting to have the "timestamp" field appear in Hours:Minutes:Seconds:MS? because I am having trouble syncing the video with the data.


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    It's probably easy to hack that in excel, just add column(s) that calculates it from the seconds. Hours = (timestamp/3600), minutes = (mod(timestamp, 3600) / 60, seconds = mod(timestamp, 60).
  • Regarding CSV export from data logging sessions - when I choose to monitor some OBD2 parameters (like intake temperature, air flow etc.), these values are not exported to CSV. I really miss that, as I'm testing various engine parameters and exporting them for later processing in Excel would be extremely helpful.
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    Understood, on my to-do list now! I will be adding some more channels soon to the CSV, so I will try to somehow include all logged channels to it.
  • Great, thanks! That would be very helpful :)
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