Line feeds wrong in VBO exported files from iPhone?

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If I export to vbo from Android and then open the file in Circuit Tools it works great. A friend has an iPhone and couldn't open his exported vbo files in Circuit Tools.

So I compared the files. The 100% only difference is that each line in his exports are CR CR LF. Mine are CR LF. When I edited the line feeds in his file it worked perfectly.


  • Maybe they went wrong in sharing? RaceChrono exports should be identical, but if he mailed it to himself it's possible...
  • Yeah I asked if he had edited it or anything but he hadn't. I'll ask him to export and share the file untouched to my email.
  • But your mail app might still ruin it. No edit needed for that to happen.
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    iPhone mail app modifiying an enclosed file... does that happen? Ouch.

    I've asked him to share a vbo file with some other means like dropbox, google drive, phone text message. He emailed me "This time I've used my hotmail address", not sure what that meant exacty in the iPhone though. That enclosed file also had extra carriage returns. His email had the text "sent from my iphone" in Swedish added to it.

    He said he is running RC 6.0.11

  • He has exported and emailed me rcz files, they work perfectly.

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