Play Race Chrono Footage on PC

I have emailed myself from my Android all my track sessions so I can free up space on mobile and view on computer monitor. But how do I open file? What program do I need on PC?


  • The only program you can open them is Circuit Tools which is really bad, I hope someone can make a script to convert Racechrono files to Motec I2 or Aim racestudio or gems data analysis

  • @aol what do you think on using a Sim Racing Data Analysis for racechrono files on pc, there are quite a few softwares free and much much better than circuit tools ;)

  • what if you were to take that video file and encode it to another codec using hand brake. Is that something that can be done? reason the question is I am actually getting all my stuff together for the new track season. Was wondering the same thing.
  • I've apparently missed this thread completely, I had a vacation at the time of the first posts.

    @Kezzababy my standard answer is either upload to or export .vbo and open in RaceLogic Circuit Tools (PC/Mac application).

    @fedemaisonnave If you know the formats (or have good examples) for any better analysis software, then I can write an export for them.
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    @aol Would it be out of reach to export it as an mp4? Something that you would be able to play on your standard windows media player or VLC
  • @blkacr not sure what you mean, as RaceChrono already exports overlaid .mp4 videos...
  • @aol oh so when it’s exported to the pc why is race logic required to view the video with overlay. Apologies ahead of time if I misunderstood something. I am new to racechrono.
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    @blkacr This thread is about exporting the telemetry data to specialised software for further analysis, sort of what RaceChrono analysis is on mobile, but on PC/Mac.
  • @aol oh boy. My apologies.
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