Support V4MP as OBD Data collector


all the new Aprilias support a Bluetooth module that sends all the Telemetirc Data to a smartphone App (V4MP)
Would it be possible to connect this as a OBD2 device in RaceChrono?

I read that using an OBD Dongle it works - but there are some missing Data (Traction Control...)

Is there anything planned or could we support to get it running :-)



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    While I aim mostly to develop features that are potentially used by more than 20% of the users, it would be interesting to hear if anyone knows more about this V4MP. Like if the communication protocol is reverse engineered and published somewhere?

    That said you have one or two other option that are already in the product. The first one is to use OBD-II and try to find out if the missing channels are available as custom OBD-II PIDs.

    The second one would be to use OBDLink dongle and activate the CAN-Bus functionality in RaceChrono. The feature is still under "Experimental devices" in expert settings and rather undocumented. It needs more testing, but I think it will graduate to a real feature in spring. What it does, it monitors the raw CAN-Bus messages in your vehicles bus, which contain much more information than OBD-II. Just like the custom OBD-II PIDs, you'll need to know (or reverse engineer) your bus. Searching the brand specific discussion forums is usually a great help in finding out.

  • Hi, Thanks for your Answer and nice to know that there is/will be a CAN Bus function.
    I will try that.
    I already made it to connect the OBD dongle to the CANBus, so now i need to find a way of "decryting" the channels / messages.
  • Hi - finally I made it to connect my Dongle with the CAN-Bus Wires.
    And also connected the V4MP Modul with RaceChrono.
    Now my problem is:
    How do I find out the correct Custom PIDs?
    Is there any software that crawls everything it gets and then I can reengenier what i want?#
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