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  • @timurrrr Can you list the PIDs and setup you did for those channels for CAN-Bus Logging. Will my OBD2 device support this?

    BAFX Products Wireless WiFi (OBDII) OBD2 Scanner & Reader - for iOS / iPhone & Android Devices

    So far it works no problem doing straight OBD2 channels. I just notice the updates for Brake and throttle, RPM, and speed can be a bit slow to update. CAN Logging should be faster?
  • I've documented everything I know about FT86 on my GitHub:

    The same PIDs work for me with OBDLink MX+ on the latest beta of RaceChrono.

    In my experience, the data that can be acquired directly from the CAN bus is a lot better than that over the OBD-II protocol.

  • Do you think this would be possible? I have a p3 vent gage pod I used for monitoring temps(mainly oil and coolant temps)

    By switching to can-bus feature in race Chrono and getting a ob2 splitter, do you think both devices could exist on the same obd2 port?


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    @JFlogerzi I think it's possible to have two OBD-II readers connected, one polling the OBD-II PIDs and one just listening to the raw CAN-Bus packets. No guarantees though as I've never tested this myself.

    Optimally you could do this with one single device, but unfortunately it's not possible with ELM 327 command set. Would call for a DIY build I guess.
  • Might have to order a oblink to test. Do any work or need a particular one. @aol

  • You'll need one that works with your phone's OS. MX+/CX for iOS, pretty much any for Android.
  • @aol I have an LX(andriod) on order from Amazon and a obd2 splitter with pass through. I will test using the beta can-bus data reads using @timurrrr PIDs he posted and OBD2 via the P3 vent gauge setup. This will be nice as I won't need to monitor oil/coolant temps via the app :)
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    You guys are Life savers! Got my new LX odblink in, obd2 splitter with pass through and was able to use my P3 Vent Gauge to see oil temps, coolant, AFR, and Ethanol % with there add-on module and let Race Chrono focus on the important PIDs

    Brake %
    Accelerator %
    Steering Angle %

    Is there anything else I need. BTW Timurrr thank you for the recommendation on Race Chrono! I really happy with my setup now! Car is on jacks atm so I could not test any real life driving but idle everything looked good. Even with my External Bluetooth and LX module sharing the same bus, I was seeing good solid updates from all data sources. External GPS was showing between 8-10hz all the time parked in my garage.

    And AOL great job on the app.
  • Yay, happy to hear I was helpful :)
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    I found some time to play with a 2019 Mazda Miata RF (ND), and documented some essential CAN PIDs I was able to find here:
  • @timurrrr thank you for your work!
  • Hey I started a new thread to make it easier for beginners to find and read information about how to log data on ND2 Miatas:

    @aol Feel free to rename this thread to simply "CAN-Bus data logging"
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