Set analogic line in racedac with racechrono

Hi to everyone , i'm Alessio from Italy.

I read to many time this forum and now, i have a question for everyone...

I have installed on a racedac , rpm ( on Digital line ) , water temp , n Gear and other two line on analogic line. On racechrono i see only a frequency , i want put a degrees for water temp, on-off for n Gear and for the other line...ecc

Sorry for my bad english , thank you so much for your help.

Best weshes.



  • Nobody can help me??? Please!!
  • do you have receive my mail ?
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    @alessiodo not sure what you mean, are you having trouble recording the data? Or do you want to change the display units on the recorded data? All analog lines in RaceDAC are displayed as "Analog 1-12" channels without units.
  • @hexen .. no i don't see nothing . Send me email here : thank you!
  • @aol . I put the temperature , n gear and fi lamp wire in analogic channel . Racedac send me back a “ frequency “ on a single channel collegate. It’s all right . But.... for example , for temperature channel ( the most important ) I don’t see a real “ imput “ , example , for 50 degrees I see a 125... I put here a wrong data , only for explain the problem...

    ...for another two canal , n gear and fi lamp , I want see only the “ on-off “ or if this not possible , its ok a 0 - 1 for understand the lamp is on or off ...

    @aol yes , I want change the unit data... for the temperature wire you are sure that just connect it to any analogue channel to display the temperature in degrees centigrade even if the units are not shown. for me it's okay to see just the number, but that's a true number. I doubt if it is not ... I will recheck the wiring

    Thank you For all.
  • @alessiodo OK. Getting the right values is about configuring the RaceDAC. Unfortunately I do not have experience on that.
  • Ok thank you !
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