Export video overlay only - suggestion for implementation

I was searching the forum if there is an option to export the clean video overlay for merging with footage from an external camara in a NLE without importing large video files to my smartphone. It looks like there is no solution until now because android does not support any video encoder with alpha channel. It is actually not necessary to export color + alpha in one file. Most professional NLEs accept external alpha mattes which can easily be linked back to the color footage. You get this feature even for free in the non-studio version of Davinci Resolve. All we need is the overlay with a black background in one file and the alpha channel as a greyscale video in another one (black for transparent, white for fully opaque). It would be nice to have an option to adjust the resolution of the export to match different external video resolutions and aspect ratios. I would be really happy to see this feature in RaceChrono.


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    @Tiger99 any suggestions on which video editor to use as reference to test such feature? Not looking for professional solution, but something affordable that I could also recommend to my users...
  • I would recommend Davinci Resolve as I wrote above. That's in fact a professional software which has been used on many major blockbusters for color grading but it's also very good for home use. A completely free version is available with some professional features turned off but that's no limitation for hobbyists and even for many professionals. The free version may be used even for commercial projects. The latest version has a full featured edit page and a simplified "cut page" for quick and easy edits. There are many more pages full of complex functions but you never have to touch them, you even can turn them off. I can write a short tutorial how to use an external matte in Resolve if this is helpful.
  • @Tiger99 I'd appreciate greatly if you have time to write a short tutorial on it! I've already installed the free version of it.
  • Please allow me some time, I will do my best
  • ...please check your inbox ;-)
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    Got it! Thank you very much :)
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