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Hi everyone!
I tried Racec. with the rally: it's spectacular! A request: could you start the stopwatch when there is strength "g" involved and stop the stopwatch when the speed is equal to zero? This improvement would be useful for timing of the PS rally.
Thanks for your attention.

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(GPS because mountains, trees, etc.-they lost the signal - accordingly: readings are not consistent - The next time .... GPS on the car roof! )

In Italiano:
Ciao a tutti !
Ho provato RaceC. con il rally: è spettacolare ! Una richiesta: si potrebbe far partire il cronometro quando c'è una forza "g" che interviene e fermare il cronometro quando la velocità è uguale a zero? Questa miglioramento diventerebbe utile per cronometrare le PS dei rally. Grazie per l'attenzione.

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  • Thank you for the feedback! There is a feature coming which is "standing start", so stop watch starts when you first move. Very good feature for hill climb and rallies. So you'd like also to stop in similar fashion?
  • This would be nice for track too, especially lets say when you pull back into the pits it stops automatically after a specified time period and uploads the data (through 802.11 predefined network for example) to the laptop for analysis.

    So say someone is doing laps. pulls into the hot-pits stops and they crew with the laptop will grab the data off the phone without any user interaction. Then that person pulls out and a new session starts.
  • Hi,
    "standing start" what takes to get started: G-force and motion?
    Should be good also for the end! :-)
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    Alamberto: So you need Time to stop when car stops, or Data Logging to stop when car stops? There is a difference here. When time stops it's one completed lap, but further data is saved (for further laps). When data logging stops, you are disconnected from GPS etc, and no more laps can be completed before logging is resumed.
  • Aol: in my opinion you should not stop but just time reset!
    Race rally:

    "PS 1 start - finish" transfer "PS2 start - finish" transfer. etc. ..

    Thank you
  • Normally rallies work as follows: Standing start in geo area (simular to crossing a startline (racing)), but g sensor triggers stopwatch (not from zero, but real-time (e'g 12:23:44.995) from GPS? - This would indicate for eg. that car has jumped the start by 0.005 s!!

    Finish is measured when reaching a predefined geo area (finish line). To do this, the track must be recorded, including the start and finish line definitions, as per normal, then rally stage/hillclimb/sprint times can be measured. (accurately, with minimal marshalls/volunteers manning stopwatched/clocks etc.

    Next cool idea - to have this data uploaded via gprs realtime to server, then tracking by google earth, and or for getting splits etc.
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