My KIWI3 doesn't wake up and PIDs chart needed


As the title suggest. My KIWI doesn't start sending data (it says it is connected) until I start my car and unplug and reconnect the KIWI. I have a Dodge Viper ACR 2016.

I noticed that you can edit the Initialisation commands in the Vehicle Settings. Is this something I should do? If so, what should I write there?

Also, is there anyone that by any chance has a PID chart for a Gen5 Dodge Viper?


  • I have to correct myself. I can get it to start showing data, but I have to first turn ignition on, then start logging. If I do it the other way around, first start logging and then turn the ignition on, it doesn't show any data (though it still says that it receives data, it shows 1-2kb) I have to either quit and restart the logging or unplug and reconnect the KIWI.
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    I guess I'd need to look at what's going on...

    Please follow these steps:
    1) Go to your vehicle profile, press "Share" button on top, and share it to me by e-mail.
    2) Enable "Settings > Expert settings > Save device data". This allows me to see what happened.
    3) Turn on your car
    4) Record a session with some OBD-II channels logged. Make sure you're experiencing the same problem, check that the data is not recorded, but showing the same 1-2kbit/s. Wait long enough for GPS to lock to some satellites.
    5) Open that session, and press "Share" button on top, and share it to me by e-mail. If you don't know my email you can send it to tracks(at)
  • @eckeph I think I've found the problem, it's a bug in RaceChrono. I will make a new release to fix it.
  • fixed in v6.4.1 ... available through Play Store (beta group)
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