RaceChrono + OBDLink LX, no more data after stopping and starting engine

I'm using RaceChrono with an OBDLink LX on a Caterham. The starter seems to trip out the OBD-II logging. It's fine if I start the engine before starting the log (or start within the expert setting 'initialisation delay', so I set it to 10000 to give me 10 seconds to start the engine). However when I come back to the pits, stop and start the engine and go out again, the rpm and throttle position readouts stick at their values just before the engine turned off. The connections screen shows OBDLink LX is still connected. To get the throttle/rpm to update again I can:
stop the log and start a new one (after starting engine)
disconnect / reconnect the car battery to power down / up and the OBDLink, just before I restart engine
Any ideas? In the next version, could you reinitialise OBD-II, when the rpm data sticks on a non-zero value for some time? I don't mind testing!



  • Which version of RaceChrono are you using? Similar bug got already fixed in v6.4.1. If your version is older, please update and try again.
  • oh, great! I was running 6.3.5, have updated to 6.4.1, will do another test, thanks!
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