Franciacorta Karting Track 2020

There's a new track near the old Franciacorta karting. It's almost not visible by maps...
you can see all details

someone can create the track on library?

best regards


  • On google maps there isn't. But I tried to do a library. Tomorrow I will try it. If you want It , you send a message to me.
  • If you manage create a proper version of this track, please submit it to the track library. As the track does not (yet) appear in the satellite images, the only way to create it is going on location and driving a few laps. Then you know where to place the traps.
  • OK. I send the track.
  • @Filo221 ok let me know!
  • Not updated yet?

  • @Filo221 @aol there are some news? :smiley:
  • did someone update this track? i can't do it on apple device 'cause the satellite pic doesn't show the new track...
  • Not yet. I don't have the satellite imagery either :) But you can create the track once you go there. You need to run couple of laps first, to see the trajectories on the map, and then create the track at the pits:
  • i uploaded the track some weeks ago
  • Thanks. I haven't accepted new tracks in a while as I've been busy with the new app versions. I will have some time soon for this.
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