RaceChrono v7.0 beta

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Just released RaceChrono v7.0 beta for Android. Join the beta group to get it now: https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group

Major added features:
- Added purchasable reference sessions
- Added comparison video in analysis
- Added session list sorting and searching
- Added Race time and Race distance channels, that measure since first lap start
- Added Lap timer channels can now be used in gauges and graphs

Please give feedback :)


  • I'm curious about the source of the reference sessions.
    Would those be from a professional driver? I think the professional would (probably) like to be paid for his time & effort, and us amateurs would be happy to share the data with other enthusiasts.
  • I just downloaded the update, I didnt buy it and there aren't too many yet..but yes, appears to be pro driver. And had a few different paces to give you options to compare with.
  • aolaol
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    It's not exactly a secret, but I won't reveal it here before the new version is official. Only way to know early is to test the beta version! Or ask someone who did!
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    Absolutely speechless!! I appreciate you so much!

    I just wonder how 2 videos, which have different lap times, are played in same position. Does the app handle play time with gps positions? :)
  • @ppanda: Yes, thats how it works. It's a bit jerky when the difference in play time is too much, but works perfectly when the laps are close.
  • Video side by side comparison plus data graphs, FANTASTIC!

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