RaceChrono v7.0 beta

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Just released RaceChrono v7.0 beta for Android. Join the beta group to get it now: https://racechrono.com/article/faq/how-do-i-join-the-beta-group

Major added features:
- Added purchasable reference sessions
- Added comparison video in analysis
- Added session list sorting and searching
- Added Race time and Race distance channels, that measure since first lap start
- Added Lap timer channels can now be used in gauges and graphs

Please give feedback :)


  • I'm curious about the source of the reference sessions.
    Would those be from a professional driver? I think the professional would (probably) like to be paid for his time & effort, and us amateurs would be happy to share the data with other enthusiasts.
  • I just downloaded the update, I didnt buy it and there aren't too many yet..but yes, appears to be pro driver. And had a few different paces to give you options to compare with.
  • aolaol
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    It's not exactly a secret, but I won't reveal it here before the new version is official. Only way to know early is to test the beta version! Or ask someone who did!
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    Absolutely speechless!! I appreciate you so much!

    I just wonder how 2 videos, which have different lap times, are played in same position. Does the app handle play time with gps positions? :)
  • @ppanda: Yes, thats how it works. It's a bit jerky when the difference in play time is too much, but works perfectly when the laps are close.
  • Video side by side comparison plus data graphs, FANTASTIC!

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    @aol AWESOME! And if there's a update plan for video-play specs, I hope next update has a video speed adjuster, which allows slow-mo analysis!

    Is there a function to select output audio source between video 1 and 2? it seems I only hear video 2. it will be better if the sounds are separated, like left speaker for video 1, and right for video 2.
  • aolaol
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    @ppanda The audio should play from the video window you press "play" from. The other video will follow without audio. You can change the audio just by pausing and pressing the play button on other window.

    I have considered slow motion and frame-by-frame functionality, but I've always thought the video controls would become way too cluttered. But if I get a nice idea how to do it, then definitely. It should be perfectly doable from technical point of view.
  • How can i comparison video from diffrent session?
  • aolaol
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    @ZeroOne add a reference lap from another session
  • Whats the min android requirement as ive just noticed im still on V5.4 despite being fully uptodate on play store.
  • @loggyboy Android 4.4 is the minimum OS, and it's likely that it will be raised again soon. You should be at v5.1.4 if you have Android 4.3 or older.
  • THanks, Its an old Galaxy S3 I used to dedicate to this purpose its on android 4.3 and ver 5.15. Will need to find an new 'old' phone!
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    EDIT - found them
  • aolaol
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    @loggyboy they are available in there. On the timer page the availability is limited; basically you can select them only where Speed and other channels are available (in older versions too), two bottom boxes in 3+2 and 4+2 layouts. I'll need to work away this limitation in the future releases :)
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