CAN bus reader for FT86/BRZ/86/FR-S with support for RaceChrono BLE protocol

Hey folks,
I've recently created a DIY device to get more info from the car than I could via OBD.
The whole build cost me ~$50, compared to hundreds of dollars I'd pay for a comparable off-the-shelf device.

Here's an overview of the project:
And here's everything I've learned about the CAN bus for FT86 platform that's useful for RaceChrone'ing:

Here's an example of data captured by that device at T6 at Laguna Seca:

And here it is used for virtual gauges in RaceChrono:

While working on this project, I also created an Arduino library with common utilities for communication with RaceChrono over BLE, and provided a few examples how to use it:

I also found a bunch of correctness and performance issues in the arduino-CAN library, and ended up creating my own fork where I've resolved most of them:

Hope you find these repos useful!


  • Thank you for sharing your works! and how about using OBDLINK devices? Does it still send one-time data only?
  • I haven't tried OBDLink with RC v7 yet. Should I expect any improvements there?

  • There's no updates in v7.0 to "CAN-Bus using OBDLink readers". It should work just fine in general, although the vehicles it's been tested on is fairly limited.
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