Best way to analyze Holeshot

I dont use the video or lap time features of the app. I race in the ocean and want to analyze the acceleration from the start line to the first turn. currently I am export to excell and using meters travelled and time spent to figure how many seconds it takes me to travel say the first 3 or 10 meters and compare that data with lots of different setups.

this is very time consuming... is there a better way?


  • I'd just open the analysis screen. Here's the rough guide:

    1) Open analysis from the 'Route' button to ensure you have the whole session to browse.

    2) Scroll roughly near the start time.

    3) Set X-axis to "Time"

    4) Set displayed graphs to "Distance" and "Speed"

    5) Zoom the graph in "sufficiently"

    6) Now look at the Speed and Distance readings, and start scrolling the graph towards the actual start.

    7) You should see the actual start from when the speed reading shoots up. Make note of the Distance and Time at that position.

    8) Scroll forwards from the start, and see the speed climbing. Scroll to 100 kph (or 60 mph) for instance, and make note of the Distance and Time again. You should now have accurate readings for distance and time it took to get to that speed.
  • This is how I used to do it. The spread sheet is more accurate, i am comparing sessions with different setups where .3 or .5 of a second are important.

    I was hoping there was a way to apply calculations to certain sections of data without having to do it manually.

    for example choose a start and end point withing the graph and click something to calculate averages, max or minimum time speed etc...

  • I was thinking the same when I was describing how to do it. Such facility does not exist right now, but it's a good idea.
  • Thanks for your replys, just having this app has helped a lot so will stick at it until I get this boat dialled in !

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