Make a split line (trap) mandatory for lap completion?

Hi, I am using RaceChrono + Track Pack and like it a lot.
Is it possible to make a lap detected only if all the traps (split line waypoints) are passed through?
I am getting a lot of super-short laps detected from meandering around the start/finish line between actual laps, so I added a split line half way around the track, but it still records 'laps' when this split line is not encountered.
I can mark these as invalid manually, which helps, just wondering if I could make split lines that are required for a lap to count.


  • It accepts laps even when not all splits are crossed. It means it cannot be fixed like that. Can you share the session with me to tracks(at) ? I'll check it out.
  • I just sent it, the name of it is "WEBE Loop."
    Thank you very much!
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