Select audio channel

is it possible to select the audio channel manually? E.g. I want to use the audio from my video channel 2, which is my PIP channel. But the export does always use the audio from my video channel 1.


  • Not at the moment, but this is on my TO-DO list.
  • I'd also love to be able to select the audio channel manually :+1:
  • Would be wonderful since i love the broad view angle of my insta360 camera but it has a terrible wind noise filter... i use my hero 9 for dashboard view that picks up good audio as second screen (channel 2).

    On that note, is there a way to increase channel 2 PIP size since the default setting is too small for me. Thanks

  • On a related note, would be great if RaceChrono had a built in functionality to import and sync audio-only tracks. I use a voice recorder with an external microphone mounted near the exhaust pipes. My current workflow involves replacing the audio track in iMovie first, then importing the video into RaceChrono, which adds extra steps.

    I record a clap to simplify synchronizing audio with video.

  • Both are good ideas. I will also investigate if also audio only files could be allowed with not too much work. But if it turns out to be too much work, then once this audio track selection is done, you could just use video files with no picture for the audio track.
  • Hope this request is inching up on the todo list. Looking for a solution too.

  • It's high on the list :)
  • Couple of years later, still a feature I expect would be well received. Was this abandoned, or still on the list?
  • Still on the list but the list is long
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