Speedangle data to vbo

This post had started off as asking for some help to convert speedangle data to something consumable by racechrono. Main reason being that RC's interface is so much nicer but a lack of realtime lap time feedback (don't want to strap a phone to the handlebars) is annoying.

Well bunch of documentation reading and experimentation later, here we are. I've written a converter that reads a .sa file and puts out a .vbo file which Racechrono reads and gives you all the info (almost).

Parser can be found at https://github.com/torqu3e/speedangle-to-racechrono

Now to the more pressing matters which mostly likely will need @aol to chime in.

a. Feature request to read .sa files directly in the app for import.
b. While a is not there, for some reason the `lean-angle` field is not being read correctly from the output file. Any idea what maybe causing that so I can address it?



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    Added both of your requests to my TO-DO list. Also I might consider audio feedback, to keep up with the competition.

    b. Is not working because I wrote the .VBO import to support data logger devices that do not have lean angle. So it was just not in the test set. No problem in adding more channels to import.

    Great job with the converter!
  • Woot! That was quick and effortless to get feature requests on your roadmap. Thanks! Ok, the lean angle data thing now makes sense now.

    Going to go chase speedangle to output heading data if they can and possibly get info around why two lean angle fields + units for their acceleration data. I will share what I find out.
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    Well on my TO-DO list can mean anything to be honest. Not everything ever get implemented, only the ones that are most feasible and most useful for the customers, as I need to prioritise my limited time. But the small things like the ones are fun and quick to do, so at least you'll get the .vbo fix very soon.
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