Special stage -type tracks (no ring), and adding traps afterwards.

hi this is the nicest appz i ever tried!!!1

my best compliments!!!!

i only have a problem or maybe a suggestion.

i run with my bike on normal roads (legal tracks) with a start and with an end but that don't in race-ring.

is there a possibility to set manually the start and the end of the track kowing it's gps position ora just adding a set start (and set end) buttons in next version??

i think will be useful for wohm like me (even rally drivers) don't runs in roperly circuits!!!

my best compliments again!!!


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    Hello! It is possible to have different start and end in a track ("Special stage"-type). Currently in the manual only ring-type is explaned, but I hope you can manage with this short instructions. Just add the traps normally, same way as you would on a ring type. Then change the first one to "Start" type, and last one to "Finish" type. I use the software this way when bicycling to work.

    If you want to add traps afterwards, you can create an empty track, then start a new session with that and just start driving. When you have driven the intented route, you can add traps by opening the "Route Graph" and then use your arrow keys left/right to select a good position (arrow keys together with the Pen/Shift button it goes faster). Then select "Options > Add trap to this". Then just edit the trap types to start and finish type from "Browse traps", by selecting the correct trap with arrow keys left/right, and then "Options > Open". Also this should go to the manual. :-)

    If you have any further question, I will be glad to write some more instructions!
  • ok tomorrow i'll try....

    anycase if you want to translate this huge software in italian i will be glad to help you!
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    Thanks for offer! When we have "enough" features, we will probably consider translating to Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Your help will be valuable then!

    PS. Don't hesitate to "advertise" this software to your friends and maybe in your favorite discussion forums!
  • sure when you are ready for the translation contact me!
  • hi thanks for your help!!!

    i understood which error i made.... i just locked traps.

    now it's working fine!!!

    if you are interested in next versions you can add a secondary nmea output for reading in the pc software x-chrono t only changing the extension of the file from .txt to .xct or otherwise mke a new extension for a free software called danas (its a .dat format and at the momento i don't know the informations required from the program)
  • Yes, I have considered adding support for some third party PC software. I did not find the software you mentioned, can you send me URL's to those.
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    of course.....

    x-chrono t is apyment software splitted in two o r three parts (a win mobile version plus pc for the study or symbian plus pc for the study) quite expensive


    this software accept the normal nmea format with a different extension so just need to rename it from nmea.txt to nmea.xct

    the second software is free and programmed in java and the name is danas (part of the most complex dasy-4 system ) the exstension is a bit different format and is a .dat extension

    http://www.i2m.it/ (download page)
  • I have a problem with lap timing on special stages!I set unidirectional to off so that I can lap time both when I am driving uphill or downhill but it starts counting only when I go uphill...Any help?
  • If you put the start at the bottom of the hill, it will only start to count from the bottom of the hill. I create one track for each direction in that scenario (in AutoSolo, we tend to run a course in both directions).
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