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Hi all,
I have a problem with Update rate. I send to smartphone RMC + GGA NMEA sentences at 10 Hz by baud rate 57600.
Racechrono works, but sometime the rate isn't 10Hz but change. I woud like that It is always 10Hz. What could be the problem?


  • Probably the bandwidth is too low for the data, so the send buffer gets truncated time to time. Try to output only RMC + GGA nothing else. Also there might be some settings on your Bluetooth side (for example for negotiating the connection speed). Android hides all that stuff so app developer cannot do anything about it, needs to be done on hardware.
  • Thanks. I will try increase baud rate to 11520 with only RMC + GGA sentences.
    Under there are some screen shots

  • Yep, that's how it looks when your data rate exceed the bandwidth.
  • Check your code if you have some serial loggings. This slows down your rate
  • Hi all, I changed baud rate to 11520 with only RMC + GGA sentences. It has improved (Figure 2) but It si not accurate as Figure1.I got both results (figures 1 and figures 2) by same same device but with different settings. How can setting my GPS module to order to have accurate as Figure 1? Anyone have any ideas?
  • If you have a usb to UART adapter and use a NEO GPS Module you can connect your GPS to your computer. Use the programm u-center to configure your GPS Device. In the settings you have the possibility you setup the device as a "Vehicle" Device. Maybe this helps
  • Thanks for you reply. I will try setting "Vehicle Device".
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