Buttonwillow 13CW Showing in Android as Buttonwillow 12A CW


This past weekend and also two weeks ago, Buttonwillow 13CW was picked up by Android app and recorded as Buttonwillow 14A CW.

I am on v7.2.4 now with external GPS Garmin GLO2

How can I share logs or more information to help?



  • It's a known problem. The track is detected merely based on the start/finish line, and if the track has multiple configurations with similar start/finish lines, the wrong configuration is usually selected. Workaround is to select the correct track configuration right after starting the session. You can also re-select the track afterwards in the session overview "Track (round button) > Select another > [select your track]".
  • @car555 When you start a new session, the app asks you which track layout you want to use. As aol mentioned, you can also change the track layout after the fact.

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