When editing a track layout for a session, it only shows the line from the last "session segment"

I went to a skid pad the other day, and recorded my runs using RaceChrono.
Somewhere in the middle I stopped recording and later "resumed" the session.

As there was no "track" to speak of, once I synced a video file with the session, I was unable to easily export what I needed.

To work around this usability issue, I decided to add a "Start/Finish" line to where one of the exercises started.
When I opened the track editor, I noticed that it was only displaying the lines I drove after the session resume, and not the first "session segment".

You may want to change the code to draw lines from all session segments; or at least provide an option for the user to choose which session segment to draw on the map in track editor (similar to how you can choose which session segment to link a video to).


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