DIY: Send events to the DIY device

i have a big project where i work with GPS and CAN Data.

It would be great if Racechrono sends a message event to the DIY device if some of the events are triggered:
- New Lap
- Section is crossed
- Lapend (For Sprints)

Optional you could send the time too?

Is this possible?


  • aolaol
    edited June 16
    I'm actually working on *sending anything* to the DIY device. Speed, lap number, lap time, you name it. Unfortunately pushing data to this direction is much harder on Android and iOS BLE APIs, so the progress has been slow.
  • Why is this way much harder?

    If i download the App "nRF Connect" i can connect to my DIY Device. In this app i can set a value to a Channel and on my DIY device i can setup a event which shows me the Data.

  • Need to act as BLE server while still being BLE master, to be able to notify the data changes.
  • Are there some news?

    I need this Feature realy Bad 🙈

  • Slow progress, sorry. The heat wave has distracted me a bit.
  • aolaol
    edited July 30
    @R1Snake It's finally done, example device and all. Will add the project to GitHub early next week. The API will be included in the next beta.

    Found out the client/server thing was just too painful and over-engineered... Now the DIY device acts only as a BLE server as usual, and the phone is the BLE client. I wrote the example code for Adafruit CLUE.
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