Sort by laptime?

Can't find a way to sort laps on laptimes? Might be that I'm stupid 😁


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    No, but it's actually a good idea! Never occurred to me that the lap list could be re-ordered. Added to my TO-DO list.
  • It's a good way to check your consistency. Are my five best lap times close or all over the place 🙂
  • The Garmin Catalyst actually gives you two numbers to look at to have as a goal to improve: The percentage spread of your top five and also your top three laps.
  • Yeah, I was going to say that looking at top N laps is a common analysis technique, including what Catalyst does.

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    @MagnusThome do you have details how the percentage spread is calculated in the Garmin Catalyst? (laptime3rdBest - laptimeBest) / laptimeBest * 100% ?

    I'm happy to review any of the useful tools that Catalyst has. Also if it has some nice screens etc, please send :)
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    A good video overview of various screens is here, at 3:15 in the video:

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