ELM327 Connection HELP. PID needed. Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph and Honda.

Any of you succeeded to connect the OBD RaceChrono features (RPM, ACCELERATOR, ETC) in the following bikes?

Kawasaki. NINJA 250 2012

Ducati Monster 796 2013

Triumph Street Triple 2014

Honda CBR 650R 2019



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    There's has been work done with Suzukis and Kawasakis, by at least a couple of active users. Here's a related thread: https://racechrono.com/forum/discussion/comment/9900

    Ping @TriB , would you have a Kawasaki vehicle profile available for the original poster? Or maybe someone else has done one?
  • This won´t work just with an ELM327 and RaceChrono.
    Those Bikes does not have standard OBD2 until year of manufacturing 2020 / 2021. You can probably get around it for Kawasaki and Suzuki, like aol mentioned.
    But it won´t work with the most ELM327 adapters. Because all cheap china clones do not support reprogramming the initialization process, format, receiver address, keepalive messages and so on.
    Others mention to work with CAN-Bus, but only have K-Line (or other way around).

    That´s one of the reasons why I created my very own adapter for that.

    Honda has a different initialization protocol, a data structure without format and header and a different checksum calculation.
    Ducati has CAN-Bus instead of K-Line. This should be fine and it´s the ELM327, which work that out. But I do not know how the data looks like and if it works out of the box.
    Triumph seems to be more or less OBD2 compatible since ~2012 but that´s just what I found out right now. Not reliable!!!

    So all in all:
    There is no single device which will cover all of your mentioned bikes.
    Every bike needs a specific adapter-cable.
    Every bike need at least a unique RaceChrono-Setting to use custom initialization, PID´s and value calculations (which also are different to OBD2 and different from manufacturer to manufacturer).

    This means a lot of work, testing, searching, failing and buying different ELM327 (or similar) devices.

    I´d recommend to start with the Kawasaki with something like:
    and then 21 09 for RPM, which is calculated (A*256 + B) * 100 / 256.
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    I did not know the cheap Chinese ELM 327 clones do not support this. That's good info.

    AFAIK, Triumphs WERE OBD-II compatible at some point. But then they introduced a proprietary authentication, so the later ones were no longer OBD-II compatible. This was the case at least with the Speed Triples.

    The point where all bikes are OBD-II compliant (by law), is EURO 5 emission standards. So it can be earlier than 2020/2021, for example my 2018 KTM 790 Duke works just fine with standard OBD-II.
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