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Can't stop an E62 from screen dimming?

O know this is not Nokia but there are certainly real big brains on this site so I 'll give it a shot...

How do I stop a Nokia E62 from screen dimming??? It would be fabulous on the dash if it would stay lit up??? I read the whole manual and didn't see it???

there was one section that I changed to 30 minutes and another to 2 minutes which are the max for both settings but it still dimms???




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    Hello, I did a search to my emails and it seems there is a problem with E62 and backlight (one user has reported that before). The phone has a bug in it's firmware and RaceChrono is not able to keep the lights on this phone. :(

    I'm sorry I was not able to tell you this before you bought the phones, I probably should have it listed in known problems.

    Here is what the E62 user reports me about this issue (thanks Jake!):

    "After a lot of messing around I have managed to keep the backlight on in the
    timer screen by loading an application called SpotOn which locks the
    backlight on but, and this took me a while to work out, only if the
    “backlight always on” setting in racechrono is turned off.

    I believe this is a problem with the E62’s only and I could not find any new
    firmware for them."

    Here is a link to the software Jake used:

    Remember to turn RaceChrono's backlight setting "Always off" when trying this!
  • I have the same problem on my Nokia N82, v2 firmware. I use SmartLight to solve the problem. Works great for me. Google for 'SmartLight S60' and you should find it.
  • Strange. I'll check on that.
  • It's not a big problem. You probably have more useful and fun things to do than hunt for possible bugs related to old firmware versions. I have another N82 with v1 firmware and there the problem doesn't exist. Don't know how it is with the newest firmware v3. I prefer to keep my v2 firmware because it's easier to hack.
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