Overlay on a PC

Is there another way to sync my GoPro video with RC overlay - on a PC? Transferring the GoPro files to my phone, just to connect the lap with the video, takes so long (and just complicated). If so, can someone tell me what software and how to export?
I use:
Samsung Galaxy Ultra
Garmin Glo 2


(and, are there any tutorials for RC??)


  • I used to find it a pain as well, I was uploading the video files and editing on a PC, then transferring it to my phone via cable, then importing to RaceChrono and syncing, then exporting to YouTube or whatever.

    Recently though I bought a cheap SD-card reader which plugs directly into my phone. So now I can transfer the video files straight into my phone, sync and analyse/upload at the track between runs. Best £7 I've spent in ages.
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    Doing it all on a pc with for example Racerender takes equal or longer getting sync and so on, so I really don't recommend it as better but it's a matter of taste of course!

    I personally just start the transfer from the Gopro to the phone using Racechrono's built in wifi transfer function and leave the phone to do it while I do something else. Easy peasy. When I get back to the phone I just press Racechrono's auto sync button for the first video in each driving session and all the split up video files are synced in one go. To quote Borat, very nice! Then finally I export a lap, multiple laps, whole or part of sessions just as I want. No scrolling, searching, cutting for laps I want on the pc.


    But as I said, a matter of taste so to each their own :+1:
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