Channels available from OBDLink MX+

Hi, just new race chrono pro user. Bought OBDLink MX+ OBD receiver.
Managed to add the OBD receiver with Race Chrono but for some reason it shows only few very basic inputs from OBD.

Any spesific settings I should add to get full OBD data available in Race Chrono?
Mainly looking for fuel trims (short, long), lambda, timing and cat temps to beging with.

thanks for your great support!


  • Hi @mattipuh, did you look at the RaceChrono > Settings > Vehicle profile? You can select fast channels (high update rate) and slow channels (slow update rate). Only a couple basic ones are selected as default. You can also add custom channels if anything you'd like are missing.

    The bandwidth is shared so more channels you select, the slower it gets. So choose wisely :)
  • Thanks @aol - found the missing data! Was wondering this must be user error as it often is.
  • Went out to test it but still didn't get all the selected channels visible into dash. what might be the issue? So far starting to be familiar with OBDLink MX+ UI so that might be sufficient too..
  • Try the green (or red) button on bottom left corner of the live screen. It shows everything that is being recorded. The timer and gauges pages will just display the stuff you've selected to be displayed. There's an edit button you can use (which reveals an edit button on each of the gauges), to edit the individual displays to display whatever is being recorded at the moment. Notice the list of channels to select from is empty until something is recorded, so you need to have a GPS lock and the OBD-II connection initialised at that point.
  • Hi mattipuh 😁👍

    Great giving it a try. There are free analysis software you can run on your pc to look closer on all data if you export it also 👍

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