Second GoPro video renders upside down (no matter what?)

Has anyone seen/resolved the following issue with rotation on overlay rendering?

ISSUE: When rendering a lap that spans 2 GoPro videos, the image from the second video is rendered upside down.

- RaceChrono Pro 7.3.0
- Phone: iPhone 11 Pro with front camera providing PIP driver view (RaceChrono Video Channel 1)
- Video: GoPro Hero 7 Black, capturing at 1080/60fps (mounted upside down) (RaceChrono Video Channel 1)

- 13 lap session (30 min)
- GoPro video split into 3 files (due to size). All videos initially imported "upside down".
- within Linked Video view, I clicked rotate for each video such that each displays "right side up" within Linked Video list

1 - When rendering an overlay video with GoPro (Channel 2) as main video and iPhone (Channel 1) as PIP, the main video "flips" from "right side up" to "upside down" when it transitions from the first GoPro Video to the Second.
2 - If I render a lap that's wholly contained within the second GoPro video, the video renders correctly (i.e. "right side up").
3 - I tried "un-rotating" the second GoPro video (such that it shows "upside down" in the Linked Video view) and rendered a single lap that spanned videos 1 and 2. As before, the main video "flips" from "right side up" to "upside down" when it transitions from the first GoPro Video to the Second.

I'd appreciate any assistance or recommendations.



  • Can you share the session (.rcz) as well as all of the raw GoPro video files? Upload them to cloud and share the links to tracks(at) Make sure anyone with the link can access the files. I can then check what's going on with it.
  • Will do...though it will take a while to upload the videos (11.6GB total). In the mean time, I found something that looks suspicious. Looking at the sessionfragment.json file that's contained withing the .rcz file, I see the record for the first GoPro video has the rotation value set to 180, whereas the second and third GoPro files have a rotation value of 0. Look for links to come per your request. Thanks!!
  • From that file....

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    OK, I was finally able to reproduce it :sweat_smile: I had to do code review on it to find the right conditions to make it happen.

    The "Flip horizontally" setting for the PIP in the overlay editor has a problem. Disable that and it will work - although the PIP will not be mirrored.

    Will be fixed in v7.4.0.

    Thank you for reporting it and helping me make RaceChrono better!
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