Helping my team mate find 4.7 seconds on Zandvoort

Hi all, as avid user of RaceChrono I've now used it to help my team mate to get faster on track.

We've been racing together in our BMW E46 M3, and last race day I set my personal best lap on Zandvoort with a 1:56:332. He struggled to get the pace and I tried to help him out with all the data we gather with RaceChrono.

The onboard video source is a GoPro8, I hooked up a Garmin GLO for GPS (for the speed) and a BlueTooth OBDII reader for the throttle position. I used a screen recording software to grab the graphs of the phone. The laptime and delta is from the export function in RaceChrono. I then combined it all in Davinci Resolve.

To make the video compatible, I slowed my lap (on the right, white/black suit) with a few %, so it aligns with his lap video (left).

Here's the result:


  • That's great! Thank you for sharing!
  • Nice! Make sure you correctly align the OBD data to GPS data, it can be off by ~0.3 seconds.

    The bigger next steps I'd suggest would be to figure out
    a) how to increase the refresh rate (get data from the CAN bus directly?)
    b) how to log the brake pressure (I've heard aftermarket sensors are needed for E46?)

    For comparison, this is the timing precision I get on my Subaru BRZ by getting the data from the CAN bus, as opposed to via OBD-II protocol:
    (Purple line — GPS speed, Cyan — wheel speed, Green — Accelerator, Orange — Brake)
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