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Cheap Phone for RaceChrono: £49.99, tomorrow only!

I've just had an email from Expansys saying they've got the BenQ E72 on offer tomorrow for £49.99. It's running Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has BlueTooth support so should run RaceChrono just fine. It uses MicroSD cards for storage and it's also got wifi built-in as a bonus. If you're looking for something cheap to run RC on, I reckon this is a good bet, especially as standby time is supposed to be 180 hours!


  • Great link, thanks for sharing it ! Would this phone be suitable to run Racechrono quick enough ?

    If so, add in a Q818 eXtreme for £40 and you`ve got a great setup for not a lot of money at all !

    Thanks for sharing.
  • edited July 2009
    Bought one for testing, so you can count on me fixing any issues with RC on it :)

    I'm sure RC will work just fine on it as is. Notice it's not touchscreen phone, and WM6 standard is quite old OS. But anyhow £50 is a great deal for a smart phone.
  • wish I`d known you were buying one, I`d have bought one myself ! damn...
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