Video quality settings in iOS

Hello all. I've exported a couple of "overlaid video" sessions today and they've come out as 720p. The source video, from a GoPro, is 1080. I tried both 'high quality' (the default option I think) and 'very high quality', but the result is the same. Exporting from RCP 7.4.3 on iPad running latest iPadOS. Am I missing a setting somewhere, perhaps?

Many thanks for pointers and advice.


  • The setting has been broken for a while, I will either look for fixing it or removal.
  • Thanks @aol — is the only option to export at 720p then?
  • aolaol
    edited November 2021
    The video export quality setting (the one on Android that works) affects only the video bitrate, not resolution. The resolution is always the resolution of the source video, anything between 480p to 4K will work, but only if supported by the phone hardware. RaceChrono does not down or upscale currently.
  • And on iOS @aol? Just wondering how my export of 1080p GoPro footage is coming out as 720p. Thank you :smile:
  • That is on iOS. It certainly should not come out as 720p. Are you sure about the source video?
  • @catmap ok I will investigate.
  • Fab, thanks @aol! If you need anything from me; debug, files, whatever, just say.
  • @catmap Which iPad model is it? iPadOS version? Please, share the GoPro file to tracks(at) . Please upload to cloud and share the link.
  • It's the same when exporting from my iPad and iPhone — both on iOS 15.1. The iPad is a 11" Pro, the iPhone an 11 Pro. Incoming email with link to GoPro footage 👍
  • aolaol
    edited November 2021
    For some reason the @catmap 's files are exporting as 720p through the Photos app, but when imported directly to RaceChrono they export fine with the original resolution. I cannot reproduce this with exact same devices, but will try to figure out why this happens.
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