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Truncated export data?

I was always horrible at math in school. I shoot a video 25 min and record data 20.51 min based on "traveled route". Number of laps and times match the video. I export to csv for track vision and when opening the data file in trackvision it is way less in duration and my data stops well before the end of the video. The 20.51 export shows only 547 seconds @9 min in TV???

This data was recorded on 1.10 but exported using 1.3...could this be something?
The video is HD 60fps.
I'm starting to think something is funky in the RC csv export or the tv csv import?
I also tried to open the same file in danas and it was only 2 seconds long???
I then tried the other video and data file and same problem???
maybe it is me!!!...I'm pulling my hair out!!!...good thing I have some fireworks to watch in a few hours. Happy 4th!


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    Can you open the export file in Excel? Check the first line and last line, and subtract the timestamp, to see the "length" of the file in seconds. If it really is 20:51 minutes, then maybe write TrackVision support forums. They can see why not all of the file is loaded.

    You can also send the file to me to tracks(at) . I do not have TV installed, but I can always take a look at the file itself, and to see that nothings clearly wrong.

    In Danas you need to export .dat format, not CSV.
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    Ok, I took a look at the files you sent me. You have exported in "All laps" scope which cuts the data prior the start of the first lap, and data after the finish of the last lap. This way you don't get the pits to the drawn track map.

    You can also export in "Traveled Route" scope when the data is not cut, but also the export does not then contain lap time info.
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    I totally understand this concept, there was almost 4 minutes of a car idiling at the begining and some more at the end but why does the data stop in the middle of the session, not even near the end?
  • I just tried this again and maybe that is it afterall...I will try again later tonight...thank you for looking in to this!!!
  • I rechecked this again. Removing the idle time in the beginning is fine but it is missing the last 2 laps in the end. The video and data sliders are synced in TV and the data slider hits end with 2 laps left and the drive to the pits on the video...these are full timed laps that show up in RC but not in the data export.

    I changed it to traveled route and set a marker in TV which I hope will create the lap times since the traveled route does not carry that info...been rendering for a looong time... I will know if this is a workaround soon.
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    You need to have the TrackVision marker really near to the actual start, to get all laps. Otherwise you'll miss one. If you want to place the TrackVision marker elsewhere you need to export "Traveled Route".

    BTW: forgot TrackVision calculates it's own lap times (with setting the markers), so "All laps" export is unnecessary.
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    Another question, what is that track? Can you send me track file with Start/Split for it? The ZIP you sent me had an empty track.
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