gopro as video and external GPS replacement?

Is it possible to use gopro Hero5 as camera and gps at the same time, to see lap times and record videos?
Example: I drive in a go-kart race and I need to see the lap time and I know that my gopro 5 hero black has an internal 18hz gps. I want to use Cell Phone with RaceChrono on the steering wheel + gopro's own GPS. Is it possible WITHOUT another device such as an external GPS, and of course not using the cell phone (< 1hz)? TKS friends!!!


  • @LuluoLindo Unfortunately this is not possible. The GPS metadata can be extracted from the GoPro video files afterwards by RaceChrono, but it's not possible to get live data from it.
  • tks friends..
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    Didn't know that, thank you.
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