Cleaning up old video in iOS app

Hello folks,

I've got 120gb đŸ˜Ŧ of video in Racechrono on my iPad, and I'd like to delete a lot of that to free up space. It looks like I can delete individual videos, which is going to take me a long time. Is it possible to do a 'batch delete'?

Many thanks!


  • There's no batch delete unfortunately. I see why it would ne nice...
  • Urg, that's a shame @aol — feature request please! 🙏đŸģ
  • When I was faced with this issue last year, I just deleted the app and data from IOS and then reinstalled the app. Not elegant but effective.
  • That would certainly work @apt_philly! I don't want to delete the session history though ☚ī¸
  • Hello @aol_of_RaceChrono - any more thoughts on this? I had to individually delete a couple of dozen video files on the iPad today. Took an age 😂 Please please add some way to batch select/delete video files stored in the app, it’ll be sooooo helpful please and thank you 🙏

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    @catmap No news. It's on the product roadmap. It takes time as we have plenty of items on the roadmap, and some are more important.
  • Understood @aol_of_RaceChrono - I used to be a product manager in software, I acutely feel your pain 😂

    Device space is very important to us end users though 😀

  • The need is understood.
  • 👍

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