ESP32 Camera Gateway

I have an idea for an opensource project based on an ESP32 that can be used in conjunction with RaceChrono to emulate a GoPro 9/10 over BLE and forward start/stop events to other devices. My first target will be another cell phone running OpenCamera Remote, which accepts a simple REST API over wifi to control the shutter and filename, etc.
Unfortunately, I don't own a GoPro 9+, so I have been using the OpenGoPro BLE documentation to get started. So far I have RC recognizing my ESP32 as a GoPro and attempting to connect, but it quickly disconnects. Without divulging too much about your internal implementation, can you provide some hints regarding which BLE services/characteristics are being used by RC to control a GoPro over BLE?
Obviously, there are other ways to approach this same problem, so I am open to other solutions as well - including one of the RaceChrono DIY APIs if they already provide this functionality.


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    Unfortunately the GoPro remote control feature in RaceChrono is a horrible mess. I'm considering either removing it, and doing better video file importing instead, or keeping the remote control but replacing the download and video file sync point feature with that improved video file importing.

    Also I cannot reveal any GoPro protocol internals for legal reasons, sorry.

    Adding to the DIY APIs would make much more sense, but not sure if I will be re-visiting them very soon, as we have our hands full with some upcoming big features.
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