Error when moving exported video to Photos app

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  • also while i am whining, a new error i havent encountered before is that occasionally a completed exported video cannot be moved into photos. i’m not sure what to

    with it at that point except delete it and try to reexport.

  • actually, instead of moving to photo app, i am able to select share and then save to files. better workflow anyway for videos destined for youtube.

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    @apt_philly I think you're running out of space there, the error code is explained in iOS sources:

    case notEnoughSpace = 3305 // Not enough space to perform the requested change

    And yes, I should convert it to sensible message...

    Also yes, the "Save to files" option works very reliably, and usually is more convenient option than "Move to Photos app".
  • that is strange because i think i have free space.

    but i am happy to use the files interface. Thanks.

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    @apt_philly Yep, these iOS error codes are not that reliable. Doesn't really help me fix the issue... but it's probably an issue with Photos app anyways, as I'm sure the video file is just fine.
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