Using a 360 Degree camera with RC Pro

360- degree cameras are supposed to have a 180-degree front-facing camera, and a 180 rear-facing camera, but why would you want to record your own face as you drive?
Do those cameras have the ability to turn off one camera? My goal would be to record what's in front (a very wide or 180 angle view) or have one camera facing to the left , and one right, so you can record cars as you pass them (or they pass you.) I'd prefer the first option (a 180- degree forward view.)
Otherwise, there is some information for 360 cameras in the F.A.Q. area.


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    360 camera can be useful if something of interest happens outside the normal field of view. RaceChrono does not yet natively support this, but I can see the use case.
  • Yes. Go to the website for whatever 360 camera you want to buy and check the features. Most of them have a mode where it's a normal camera. Gopro also lets you choose which lens you want to use

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