Hi all,
finally I finished my DIY GNSS. I would like use It as lap timer in Motorsports. It works 20Hz and should receiver GPS+GLONAS+BeiDou. I tried It yesterday and look like work fine.

I noticed that travel of narrow turns or in small circuit the performas are less stable that in straight line or wide turns.
I would like to comper whit racebox mini or QSTARZ (BL-1000GT). Does someone have an session ?


  • If you're getting noticeable zig-zag on the traveled route when zoomed in, the problem is most likely in coordinate precision and handling. If you use 32-bit floating points to store the coordinates, the precision will be something like a meter or two. Solution is to use 32-bit fixed point or 64-bit floating point.
  • I don't process data of GNSS module, I send directly them to Bluetooth.

    For example: In the image below there are 2 session on same day but hours difference. The sky was good for both. I thinks in the session "bad" the time of the lap was more fast. Of course the trajectorys were very bad that "good"session

    There are imamge:
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    I would need to see the session to give any analysis on the data quality, now I can only guess.
  • Ok, how can I send you the session (.rcz)?
  • Please email it to tracks(at) . Add link to this thread so I know the relation.
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